4YFN, Connecting Start ups !

4 Years From Now 2015 has been a success, 232 exhibitors and more than 8000 visitors have visited the fair at Fira Montjuic during 2, 3 and 4 March. Here entrepreneurs and investors have found a very suitable and innovative environment that invited to the conversation and the business.

Walking around the area where startups presented their proposals were interviewing entrepreneurs and projects here seemed more innovative and creative in this second edition of 4YFN we leave:

Hailo: An app that allows you to order a taxi in real-time or in advance and which operates for Geolocation. You can pay from the app by credit card or in cash. Allows you to even see the profile of the taxi driver and vehicle that uses to choose the most appropriate to your needs.

Web: https://www.hailoapp.com/es/



Kolektio: This application allows you to create private groups that share photos from your mobile phone for a specified period (which is yours). One of the advantages offered by this app is the option to automatically upload photos to the group directly from the camera of your mobile phone.

Web: http://kolektio.com/es/


Privately: Due to the growing demand for consumer privacy on the Internet, Privately developed this application that lets you control the material you share in your social networks (Facebook, twitter) and even eliminate it altogether anytime.

Web: http://privately.eu/app/



Mutidub: It is an application that allows you to watch a movie in the cinema in the language that you want. You only have to enter the app, choose the language, wear helmets and enjoy the movie.

Wannaplan:“The Redpublica of leisure”. An app to publish photos of your daily activities and where to find people with the same interests as you by images. The advantage that offers is that it allows you to publish plans to which you can invite your friends. Do you want to go jogging but do not want to go alone? Because he published the plan in the app with a photo and the people of your around you will target.

Web: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wannaplan



Crowdcube: This site is a meeting point for entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs published its project on this website and everyone who is interested can participate financially, what is known as crowdfunding.

Web: https://www.crowdcube.es/



Groupiest: A platform dedicated exclusively to Community Management.

Web: http://www.groupiest.com/es/index.html



Dacuda: Photographing food is fashionable. Dacuda has noticed and has created an app for foodies that allows you to capture your photos in 3D and share them on your social networks. With this application, your food will look more appetizing. Try it, you will love!

Web: http://3daround.dacuda.com/


We end this post with one of the highlights Exhibitors creating innovative events since 2010. MLOVE select spaces unusual such as containers or castles where entrepreneurs can submit their projects and make themselves known in a sexy and casual atmosphere that fosters the Exchange. The goal of these festivals is not only business, but stimulate creativity in the community, and apply it in real life to improve the quality of life and inspire others. If you are looking for on the Internet the MLOVE Confestival in Hamburg you will see fantasy that is their job.

Web: http://www.mlove.com/