4 Years From Now, INSTALLATIONS!

We continue with the 2nd Edition of the 4YFN; but this time we will talk about facilities. Like last year, were offered different spaces for different needs of both exhibitors and attendees. In this Post we’ll tell you what were and what were used:

In first place it was prepared an exhibition area with avenues and streets where entrepreneurs and exhibitors occupied their stands of different sizes and formats.

Innovation Market

Innovation Market



In the Plaza Mayor, a food and relax zone, some food-trucks offered their delicious products (organic food, Japanese, traditional snacks …) A little further some beach loungers of relaxed style with tables allowed people to relax and enjoy.


For presentations or talks revolved around three different axes three original spaces were arranged

First, a main theatre sponsored by Audi in the busiest talks took place in an elegant atmosphere decorated with red drapery.


Second, the Fiware room, an area separated by a curtain of long strands that fell from the ceiling and it revealed what was happening inside.


Finally the Agora Banc Sabadell, a tent of circus style where the stage was located in the Center and the seats were placed environment to it circular.



Besides all this three tents were mounted igloo-shaped where workshops were held by the attendees.

la foto 1

Very close to these igloos provided an area with garden style and separated by low fences where different wood tables lined in parallel. This installation was held where the speed – dates in which entrepreneurs had a brief period of time to have their projects to investors. Pure Business to business.

Finally I talk about this inflatable installation featuring a very original and modern space where videos were displayed and various informal meetings were held.