Do you work in the events industry? This will help keep you on your toes

You have probably felt overwhelmed by the amount of course offers and online activities that have been appearing these days.
To make it easier for you, we’d like to share a compilation of online courses that would be useful for the events industry and that could help you grow as a person as well as a professional, it could be from design to stage management, here are some options:

Event Tech

If you want to seize this precious time to work on your technical habilities, from lighting, sound, video or stage management, here are some interesting options for you:

One of the main magazines of the industry Live Design recommends a vaste amount of courses that some companies like ETC, Virtual Theatre, ACT Lighting, Obsidian Control Systems are offering for free these days.

But here are more options of either free or paid courses:



Stage Management:

Event Management 

We all know that you learn organizing events…by doing it 😉 But these courses offer the possibility to learn about the field and to get certificates, which are always welcome:

Graphic Design and Space Design

Sometimes, you have to practice multitasking and graphic design or photo editing tools are always helpful, you can now practice with Adobe since they are launching two months free of charge during the confinement:

  • Photoshop: Edit, composite, and create beautiful images, graphics, and art on desktop and iPad.
  • Illustrator: Vector graphics and illustration.
  • Lightroom: Capture amazing photos, anywhere you are.
  • InDesign: Page design and layout for print and digital publishing.
  • Adobe Premiere: Industry-standard pro video and film editing.

Sketch Up:

Also, Domestika offers a large amount of courses, including Autocad, 3D Design, Sketch Up etc.

Events Sustainability

If your thing is taking care of the planet and the future and you would like to find sustainable solutions in this industry, here are some interesting courses, but we’ll talk more in detail about the topic in our next article.

If couses arent your thing

If online courses aren’t your thing and you’d rather stay on the couch, here are some compilations of TV shows and movies that you must watch if you work in the events industry:

By Chama Jemmali