Happy Women’s Day from LD Eventos!

Today we’re celebrating a day in honor of the fight for equality and empowerment of women in everyday life as well as in the music sector!
We’ll be introducing you to women and associations that have been and are currently part of the change for a more equal future.

We would like to inspire and motivate all “women in music” to take part in achieving real “gender equality”!

First of all, meet Nicole Massey, who, after working with some of the biggest music artists, is now Billie Eilish’s Production Manager.
She is recognized as one of the best Production Managers and has become the first woman at the Gaffa Awards to win the award for excellence in production.

In an interview with IQ Magazine, she expressed that women need to be trusted with management positions in touring and throughout the music business.

She explains that many of the women working in the music sector don’t believe they can achieve these kind of positions usually occupied by men. This pattern can be changed by pushing for change, providing them with more support and motivating them to aspire to more.
Nicole Massey, therefore, conveys a message of positivity and hope that can motivate women to get out of their comfort zone and go for the wanted job. Here is the full interview: https://www.iq-mag.net/2023/01/the-gaffer-nicole-massey-billie-eilish/

Next up is the international non-profit organization, Femnøise. This organization was born with the objective of “increasing the active participation of women and dissidents in the development of local, rural and urban communities in the fields of culture, education, technology and creative industries.” (About Femnøise., n. d.)

Its mission is to promote projects that offer technological solutions for the generation of new business opportunities for women, trans and non-binary people, mainly focused on strengthening their careers, fostering global synergies and facilitating the creation of new referents.

They are committed to defending and supporting rights and claims against gender violence, gender equality and the eradication of discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity and/or sexual orientation. The Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations are pillars for this organization, which is particularly committed to gender equality, the reduction of inequalities and climate action. They came to participate in major events such as Primavera Sound, DGTL Madrid, DGTL Barcelona, Brunch – in, as well as in many others throughout Europe.

Have you heard of Woman In Lightning?
This inspirational and global digital platform profiles women working in the field of lighting design, thus promoting their passions and achievements. Furthermore, they narrate their career paths and goals (Woman in Lighting, n. d.).

And, last but not least,  the association MIM: Women in the Music Industry, a platform where female professionals in the industry get the visibility they would normally not receive if compared to that received by men in the same industry, despite having the same degree of professionalism.

In their manifesto they encourage making music their weapon to manifest, educate and transform this reality.

It is clear that there are many options to give more place and visibility to women and focus on a gender perspective that favors equal opportunities. What about you, how do you celebrate women’s day every day?