We live in a time in which we are increasingly aware of the environment and the impact it has on us and nature. Here are three projects by artists who have known how to create true artistic and architectural works from what others discard:


This art installation was created to raise awareness of the impact of plastic waste on the environment and to encourage a reduction in the use of single-use plastics. The artist Von Wong created together with several institutions ‘The Parting of the Plastic Sea’, in the Estrella Place shopping centre in Vietnam.

The structure, which is 8m long and 3.3m high, is created from 168,000 plastic straws and plastic packaging that have been collected from the streets of Vietnam with the help of volunteers. Its mission is to surprise and educate passers-by, with the hope that they will realize the enormous use being made of plastic and the danger it poses to our oceans.

Potato Head Beach Club

This establishment in Bali attracts by its impressive use of painted teak blinds (recovered from abandoned houses, and scrap yards), creating a Coliseum-shaped structure. The entire interior is also decorated with tables, chairs and lighting from recycled materials.

The idea of Ade Herkarisma (architect and designer of Potato Head Beach Club), wanted to promote local craftsmanship. The 6,000 blinds were collected from homes all over Java, and restored in about 8 months with local artisans.

Have a Seat

This furniture has been created using different structures of the city and re-adapting them for the use of its inhabitants with the reuse of drainage pipes. This project by Oliver Schau (German artist) has been extended in several cities due to its low cost, reuse of materials, resistance to climatic variations and adaptability.