Nature in times of Coronavirus

A reflection on the importance of sustainability

Nature is sending us another message, actually the same one it has been sending us for many years now. Amongst many of the headlines we’ve been reading during these days of confinement, we have seen amazing and astonishing pictures such as dolphins in Sardinia’s biggest city Cagliari; crystal-clear water and white swans in Venice’s canals; tweets of Chinese citizens marveled at the sight of blue skies as well as maps that clearly indicate how pollution and CO2 emissions have been reduced in the affected areas. Messages that invite us to reflect in such complicated days and make us think about the world we want to live in once we have been able to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. The pictures show with more clarity than ever the impact of our acts and decisions. But why not try to see the positive side? We have the power to destroy, but also to build and create, and right now it’s hard to imagine a better moment to do just that.

We have the opportunity to use these days to profoundly reflect upon the importance of sustainable practices and how they are connected to our natural habitat, and what we can do on a personal as well as collective level within our sector to do our part.

It’s been a while now that these issues are part of our key concerns as an event agency. And the news these days further encourage us and give us more strength and energy to create and produce more sustainable events.


Alba Agustí