Rammstein on fire

Rammstein gave a one off concert in Spain as part of their European tour, turning the Barcelona RCDE stadium into an open air concert venue. It was the first concert of the tour outside of Germany and the iconic industrial metal band quickly sold out the tickets of this show which inspired anything but indifference. The main tower exceeded the …

ADELE: ADELE Live 2016

ADELE performed in Barcelona on the 24th and 25th of June. The stage design was simple and elegant whilst of high visual impact with giant screens revealing an orchestra, where she performed songs from het latest album: ’25’ as well as hits from previous albums. The B Stage was used for her surprise opening as well as themes such as …

Bruce Springsteen: and the E-Street band

Bruce Springsteen started his European tour in Barcelona. With a simple stage design backed up by large scale LED screens they performed themes from the River album as well as their classic hits in stadiums sold out throughout Spain. LD Eventos took care of the local production in Barcelona, San Sebastián and Madrid. The tour was promoted by Doctor Music.

Sufjan Stevens: Concert

Sufjan Stevens presented his last work, Carrie & Lowell, on his last tour in Barcelona & Madrid, which is an autobiographical and intimate album. The tour stood out by a simple but visually impacting scenery where video projections on LED strips interacted with a stunning lighting design, creating a personal and stunning experience. LD Eventos took care of the local …

Classical Music Beach Concert

The OBC (Barcelona & Catalonia’s Symphonic Orchestra) chose the World Music Day 2015 to bring classical music closer to the street with a unique performance at the Barceloneta beach. They interpreted works such as “Thus spoke Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss as well as other iconic pieces by Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms or Hans Zimmer. The beach completed filled with people …

Beyoncé: Concert

Between fireworks, many quick changes and an impressive display of choreographies Beyoncé made the whole of the Palau St Jordi’s 18.000 visitors vibrate. It was a one off experience for the Spanish fans of her European Tour The Mrs Carter Show World Tour 2014.  

Rolling Stones: Concert

One of our major events in 2014 was the Rollings Stones’ 14 On Fire Tour which included a one off stop in Spain at Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium. Promoted by Doctor Music, it was a complete sold out with 54.000 people for a band that just doesn’t seem to age, with over 50 years of live gigs.

La Mercè: Concerts

LD Eventos has been collaborating in one of the biggest city celebration’s La Mercè over the last editions, coordinating some of the most emblematic stages such as the cathedral and the Avenida Maria Cristina. Both venues have an extremely varied program from traditional Catalan folk band over to rock & pop concerts, reaching up to 50.000 assistants in the case …

Miley Cyrus: Tour

The Bangerz Tour was one of the top music fenomenas of 2014, with a huge media impact as well as in social networks. LD Eventos was in charge of the production of the concerts that took place in Barcelona y Madrid, a massive production with large scale props from teddy bears over big balloons and the iconic tongue which was …

Black Eyed Peas: Tour

The cofounder of LD Eventos, Gus Gómez embarked on an adventure as site manager and stage manager for the worldwide Black Eyed Peas tour, hired directly by the management of the artist. He accompanied the tour during various concerts in Latin America as well as in Paris.