La Caja Mágica: Opening

Opening of the Magic Box for ATP Madrid Open Tournament. Dance and acrobatic spectacle, especially designed for the event in combination with video art projected on a 360º LED wall. With special performance by Lenny Kravitz for 20.000 people.  

Operalia: Gala

Rolex & UBS got together to create an exclusive gala dinner during the opera festival Operalia which counted with the presence of Plácido Domingo, founder of the festival. The event took place at the Palau in Valencia, a spectacular venue which was brought to life with a state of art lighting design.

Voces por un fin: Non Profit Event

Voces por un fin es un evento solidario para recaudar fondos para la construcción de una escuela en Mali. Un formato curioso al unir celebridades poco habituados a cantar como el futbolista Villa, la actriz Mónica Cruz o el cómico Toni Garrido con profesionales de la música como Ana Torroja, Andy & Lucas, Dani Martín… todo ello con un fin …

Premios Ondas: Video Games Award Ceremony

The Ondas Awards are without doubt the most important annual event for radio, TV and music in Spain. They take place in the Liceu Theatre of Barcelona and award the most successful acts and shows of the year. LD Eventos has been in charge of the technical coordination in different editions, including show cases by international acts such as Alicia …

Hugo Boss Orange Label: Fashion Event

How to transform a Catwalk into a spaceship? Hugo Boss presented its Orange Label collection in the Monumental bullring simulating a trip through the universe with a large scale circular catwalk and “intergalactic” projections.  

Sanofi: Product Launch

Sanofi launched the first mobile device for diabetics with a giant reproduction of a comet. An exclusive event for clients designed to transmit the brand values as well as demonstrate the product’s characteristics to specialists of the sector.  

Accenture: Gala

Accenture created a special Christmas show for its employees in the z6 Pavilion. This open space was the perfect canvas for an amazing light show, as well as different musical and interactive interventions.  

BBC Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with dinosaurs consisted in 20 live sized dinosaurs that move and interact with extreme realism. The show is based on the award winning series produced by the BBC on the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs.

ACN: Convention

ACN members filled the Palau St Jordi to form part of their grand annual conference, motivational event and award-giving for the best commercials. An adrenaline filled event that left all participants full of energy and inspiration to continue growing as a Company.  

Roba: Gala

200 people were invited to this exclusive open air dinner organized by Dutch metal company ROBA at Barcelona’s Olympic site, creating a beautiful backdrop and unforgettable evening with acts by former Cirque du Soleil artists.