EAU European Association of Urology: Anniversary & Convention

The EAU celebrated their 25th anniversary with a special event designed for the occasion. The convention took place at the FIRA of Barcelona and consisted in an awards ceremony as well as different artistic contents such as a shadow performance, marching bands, human statues, and many more.  

Expoagua Zaragoza: Fashion Event

Expo Zaragoza 2008 is an International Exposition that was created around the theme of water. A special catwalk was organized in order to present the official uniforms’ finalists which were voted during the event. International model Martina Klein hosted the show which included different aerial dance acts, laser shows and musical performances.

Collectives & Egoistes: Exhibition

The exhibition Colectivos y Egoístas was organized in collaboration with the Bauhaus university presenting its most eminent talent within the celebration of its 90th anniversary.