At LD Eventos we are committed to doing what is in our hands in order to contribute towards the organization of more sustainable events.

We are very aware that events have a strong impact on the environment and we therefore believe that we have a collective responsibility to generate a change in the way of thinking and planning events. New event formats that integrate values of sustainability, social and environmental responsibility.  

Also, through events we have the unique opportunity to reach receptive audiences and communicate and spread sustainable event practices in a fun setting of shared experiences. Let’s make the most of this opportunity!

Only by joining forces of all parties involved in the organization of events, from venues, promoters, producers over to providers and collaborators will we be able to make real progress towards creating a more positive legacy.  If we share ideas we will surely be able to find practical solutions, small initiatives and innovations to create an event strategy that works long-term and is aligned with the environment.  

Here go a series of proposals that we believe are viable in order to take a first step towards more sustainable events and that will help us reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and use our resources in a more responsible way, we hope you enjoy it!