The rules are changing. It’s time to explore new ways of generating events.

By now, it’s highly unlikely that anyone believes the event industry will return to its former self and it has become clear that any kind of recovery will require a process of evolution and adaptation.
Events are reflections and collective expressions of what is going on around us and we are, without doubt, facing a systemic change, a new paradigm. In order to actively take part in the creation and regeneration of a new ecosystem (at all levels), it’s essential for us to explore potential imaginaries and visions in a collaborative way.

We need to get out of “standby” or “adapt to the circumstances” mode and creatively explore and project possible futures for the event industry. We need to take it into our hands to regenerate our sector and create a new vocabulary, a new context, a phase shift.

It’s no longer a question of make-overs, but of imagining formats and actions that go beyond adapting to our times and help us sketch a way forward. Events that disrupt, move, activate, create awareness, teach, and contribute to creating purpose.

By partnering with and exchanging ideas with other collectives and disciplines and adopting working methods inspired in “maker” movements (such as co-creation, open source, collaborative processes between agencies and professionals from different sector), we could start developing new event prototypes. Let curiosity guide us (instead of fear) in the search for questions and approaches that could help us discover new intersections and unexpected assemblies.

As the recent publication The Regenerative Revolution states, “the world has changed, and we need to transform our industry to become even better at contributing to the social, economic and ecosystems upon which we depend”, understanding that we are
totally co-dependent. A regenerative vision of the events sector begins in the design process to develop a circular and inclusive approach of all elements that form an event.

“Events of the future need a social license to operate, they must be responsible and restorative for people and planet”

This is an open call to experiment, be bold and collaborate in the creation of event formats based on values we feel need reinforcing in this new future, values that society and our planet are pleading for, let’s co-activate this change!

Through initiatives such as LD LAB, LD Eventos attempts to generate new visual concepts in a collaborative way, by connecting images of different projects and creators that can insinuate, give ideas or inspire potential new event formats. We will further publish regular articles and contents of interest in the generation of new ways of event thinking.