Safe Environments



One of our basic goals as an event agency is to create environments of communication and connection. Spaces where values, emotions, ideas, projects and experiences are shared. Spaces that encourage people to interact, to move around and relate in the most natural and positive way possible.

Now more than ever our challenge is to generate creative spaces within safe environments, an essential tandem for a safe enjoyment of live experiences.

We regard the creation of safe environments the result of applying high quality standards in every one of the aspects that integrate the event, detailed planning, a profound knowledge and correct application of all rules and regulations, as well as collaborating with and consulting specialized professionals.   

We are very conscious and sensitive to the relevance of secure and safe environments in events and take special care of aspects such as access control and management, crowd  and staff circulations, the coordination of medical services and health and safety, as well as the inclusion and application of new technologies and regulations. 

We further count on the consultancy and collaboration of Manel Rubio, a well-recognized security director with a wide range of experience in the events sector with whom we have been working closely on different projects for over 15 years.

Together we share experiences, knowledge and an integral way of understanding security and the creation of safe environments, whilst taking care of the creative and human spirit of the event.