Imagining new collaborative events formats

Events as a reflection of our culture

As event creatives, we work with values, cultures and trends to create emotional and valuable experiences. It is the framework that gives us certain references to create events that express and reflect ways of thinking or living, enriching them by providing value and evolution.

In times of crisis or paradigm shift like the current one, these references are in full evolution and in constant change, we move in quicksand and it is difficult to know where to hold on. We can try to guess new trends, but we then play with more unknowns than certainties.

New creative challenges

This situation confronts us at the same time with completely new creative challenges, to create or explore new ways of working in order to create new imaginaries in settings still to be known.

How can we imagine actions or formats that have not existed until now and for which we have no existing references or images? How can we imagine new creative formats in changing environments?

Perhaps the most obvious and urgent thing is to look for solutions with the references that we have at hand today. There are wonderful creative and artistic initiatives that have taken, for example, the idea of ​​social distancing as an opportunity instead of limitation to explore new ideas, from furniture, fashion or branding to keep their distance.

In the events world we are also seeing a boom in ideas, from drive-ins to festivals that change format to micro-concerts. However, most of these proposals will be temporary and belong precisely to this moment of transition.

It will be very interesting to see which of them have been able to capture the “zeitgeist” beyond the current circumstances and are here to stay.

LD Eventos LAB

In LD we have created a platform to promote the free association of ideas to think about new visual concepts. We want this association of ideas to be done spontaneously, without marking or ordering at first so that everyone’s imagination can make their own connections and, together, probe new possible concepts.

We believe that images are a very useful creative tool for making new connections and exploring new avenues from something known. For this reason, we want to share with you our collaborative Pinterest with images of different projects from different creators that seem current or relevant to us or that may hint, give ideas, combine and expand or serve as inspiration for new possible formats for events.

We believe that it is important for it to be a tool that we can enrich among all with different inputs to generate a new landscape together, made up of people from different fields and visual references. If you want to participate, let us know and we will invite you to the board!

By Laura Clark